Three Ways to Be Bold

Three ways to become a BOLDLY different store worth visiting in person. Our mobile devices have made it super easy to make purchases without leaving our homes. That’s why creating a memorable customer experience is a critical factor in becoming a successful brick and mortar retailer. 1) Demand Attention with a Striking Storefront Wow with...
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Refreshing your Brand

Before autumn sets in, now is a good time to think of fall cleanup, not for your lawn or garden–but for your brand.  Unless your business has changed its mission, vision and values, which often requires an entire overhaul of your brand, we’re just talking about a refresh. When was the last time you audited...
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2023 color trends

2023 Color Trends

Did you know that color is an impactful way of making a visual statement as well as influencing moods and behavior? For instance, red is a bold hue that invigorates and grabs attention while greens and blues are a call to nature and help people relax. You’ll find both ends of the color spectrum with...
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2023 design trends

Design Trends for 2023

As the year comes to a close, we look forward to the new design trends that will shape our future interiors. Trade shows have given us sneak peek into finishes and furnishings, but here is a more in depth look at what to expect according to Interior Design Magazine. 1. Designs That Prioritize the OutdoorsDesign...
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holiday decor display

Planning Holiday Décor

Even though autumn recently arrived, the winter holidays are just around the corner. Before they sneak up on us, now is a good time to start planning holiday décor for your business environment. After all, people are out and about again. Thank goodness!  So, the mission at hand is to create an inviting and engaging...
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orchard visual merchandising

Building Product Displays that Work!

Hello Retailers! Are your window displays enticing and attracting shoppers? Are your interior displays effectively capturing your customer’s attention throughout their shopping journey? This blog is an introduction to Retailworks’ tried and true strategies and tips for creating meaningful displays. Whether you’re creating a window display, an end cap display, or tabletop display, consider the...
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kesslers storefront

Choosing a Retail Store Location

For the record, brick and mortar retail shopping is alive and doing well! People are longing to get out and about, and shopping in person is one experience they crave. If you are planning to open a retail store, understand that finding the ideal space takes time and strategy. Before you start looking — create...
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popping visuals blog

Popping Visuals

Visual Merchandising comes in all shapes and sizes. No matter how small, or temporary, a well displayed collection of merchandise is imperative to capturing the customer’s attention and motivating him/her to purchase. Recently, Retailworks has been working with Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, WI, to assist the temporary Pop-Up tenants set up their wares over 3-day...
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interior design

Designer vs. Decorator – there is a difference

There’s no doubt that during the pandemic people have been rethinking how they use their space whether it be at their workplace, their home interior, or a workspace inside their home. If you are one of these people and need a professional to help reshape your interior, who are you going to call: an interior...
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neocon 2021

NeoCon 2021: Pastels, Relaxation, and Nature

Heather, Amy and Suzanne attended NeoCon this year at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, IL. They racked up over 10,000 steps each, while seeing all of the trends, color reports, and new product launches that filled the 10 floors of the Mart. Once again, the line between residential and commercial design has blurred, and a...
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