Our designers and display artists research and have access to hundreds of products  – from small accent pieces to multi-purpose furniture to statement fixtures. Whether you’re doing a minor upgrade, a complete redo, or starting from scratch, we can find, source, and/or fabricate pretty much anything you need to outfit your space. Bespoke furniture requests welcome!

You can be sure our “libraries” are on-trend, and our long-standing relationships with innovative trusted vendors and “makers” bring an unmatched uniqueness and level of quality to your project.

Here is a sample of products we can source or create for you: 

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New Table Icon copy

Nesting Tables (Many, many styles)

New Stool Icon copy

Fitting Stools (Not your father’s fitting stool)

Communication Icon copy

Communication Boards (You’ll never look at a white board the same way again)

Chandelier Icon copy
Chair Icon copy

Commercial Furniture Lines (Multiple lines!)

Floor Icon copy

(Fabulous) Flooring

Double Sign Icon copy
Hanger Icon copy

Display Tools (You need these!)

Riser Icon copy

Display Risers (You’ll want these!)

Paint Roller Icon copy

(Wild) Wall Coverings