Window Displays

Create a scene and be the talk of the town!

fall window display

Make a Strong First Impression

Your window displays are as valuable as an ad in your local paper, the design of your home page, or a post on your social media when it comes to attracting customers. Whether you’re located on a busy street or in a pedestrian mall, your windows provide an amazing opportunity to:

  • attract attention
  • sell your brand
  • send a message
  • entertain
  • inspire, and
  • ultimately sell your products and services! 

Are you making the most of your window real estate?

The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and the days are getting shorter, but autumn displays can brighten up any window or interior!

Our Displays are Game-Changers

Window displays should work for you year-round – not just for the holidays. If you don’t have the time or resources to design and maintain powerful window displays, we can help. Our talented display artists will get people talking and wow customers before they even walk through your front door. We can create a one-time display or seasonal displays (generally 5x/year). Our displays will surprise and delight, and draw conspicuous attention!

Here are some of the window display services we offer:

  • display planning
  • prop fabrication/procurement
  • graphics/signage
  • lighting
  • display installation (which includes cleaning the display area, washing the windows, and even changing out burned out lightbulbs!)
  • display maintenance
  • take down

Award Winning

Visual Merchandising and Store Design winner for window displays

Our paper dresses for Kesslers Diamonds’ were selected as a winner in the international window display contest via the industry revered Visual Merchandising & Display magazine (2018).

vmsd display award

One of our Holiday window displays, along with our beautiful diamond-shaped boxwood topiaries, both created for Kesslers Diamonds’, were featured in Visual Merchandising & Display magazine’s popular “Look Book” (2022).

VMSD look book 2023 winner

We were yet again featured in Visual Merchandising & Display magazine‘s “Look Book” (2023)! You will find our mischievous gnome window display on page 28 and oversized fruit and veggie display on page 49.

Vacant Storefronts

Tired of having to deal with dark empty storefronts, dirty alleys, and unused green space? Can’t get your merchants to improve their window displays? Bring our ‘display brigade’ to town and watch the transformation begin. They’ll clean up, dress up, and lighten up all your eyesores. Watch them create some visual magic in your downtown!

Click here to view vacant windows we have transformed.

mannequin window display

Window Display Portfolio

Click here to view storefronts we have designed

Click here to view vacant windows we have transformed

  • “I have had many great comments like – ‘WOW the black and white color combination with the green made me stop in my tracks, I have never been in your store before but the window display drew me in’…there have been countless, ‘LOVE THE WINDOW’ [comments]. It cracks me up to see people just standing outside looking at the window, watching their heads go up and down, right to left, they are trying to take it all in. I will be calling you AGAIN, your team is great”

    Kim Riley
    Owner, Ooh La La
  • “I have received nothing but wonderful comments on the window decorations. Kim and Carolyn were just great to work with. Thank you for all of your help and support.”

    Martha Geiseman
    Executive Director, Eagle River Main Street Program
  • “…We have [Retailworks’ display team] change our Downtown windows out pretty frequently so that Kesslers gets noticed! It is definitely working…We have people stopping to look at the windows and merchandise in them daily…Cool stuff folks!”

    Jim Bretzel
    Project Manager, Kesslers Diamonds

Interior Displays & Visual Merchandising

Bring new life to your products and your selling floor

Attention-getting displays create focal points that lure customers throughout your store.


A successful display exhibits good composition, incorporates props & simple signage, and is well illuminated. It tells a story, inspires, entertains, and/or engages the senses. Ultimately, it sells the product!

How dynamic and productive are your interior displays?

Our talented display artists can plan, create and install displays throughout your selling floor. They’ll bring the props and make the signs. They’ll make sure the displays are illuminated 2-3x brighter than the surroundings to really draw attention. Whether it’s end caps, showcases, nesting tables or larger vignettes, our team can make your store’s focal points look great! 

milwaukee urban acupuncture

How you visual merchandise your fixtures to showcase your products is directly tied to product appeal and consumer decision making.

The number of products, and the way you put them on fixtures, affects how your customers see and interpret what you’re selling. Our visual merchandising experts use key elements and principles of design to fill your fixtures in a way that showcases products to encourages sales. They make sure your fixtures are stocked right as critical mass is imperative! They’ll review your techniques, teach you new ones, rotate product lines, reset some fixtures, and voila(!), your space will look great again! Whether you need us once, or on a regular basis, we’ll help you create a merchandising system that works for you and your team.

Additional Services

Displays on the Go (Carts, Kiosks, Pop-Ups, Artisan/Farmers Markets, Trade Shows)

Need a portable selling environment to take your show on the road? We can bring your brand and “signature look” to your destination via carts, fixtures, signs, lighting, checkout, props and displays. You just provide the products, and we’ll set things up.

Workshops & Seminars 

Looking to learn more? We’ll teach your team best practices for creating and maintaining powerful displays, and tried and true merchandising techniques. Click here to learn more about our presentations. (Webinars available too!)

blue bunny display

Visual Merchandising Portfolio

Did you know?

By getting your customers to engage with a display, you can increase sales of that product up to 25%.

Well designed displays can enhance the perceived value of your product, service and brand.

Well merchandised fixtures help the brain process information so it can make a quick purchase decision.

Check us out in action!

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