Food for Health window display
food for health logo

Project Statement

Our creative team met with the executives of Food For Health to learn about their mission that food=medicine and everyone should have access to healthy food options. They then designed, fabricated and installed oversized forks spearing fruits and vegetables – a great visual message! – in the windows of this non-profit’s new home, a historic storefront on MLK Drive in Milwaukee, WI.


Services Provided

  • Display Idea Generation
  • Prop Development
  • Installation of Displays
fruit veggie window display
fruit veggie window display
window display sketch
window display install

“Food For Health is a non-profit social enterprise whose vision is to create equitable access to healthy and happy lives through the power of food. We are Wisconsin’s first and only validated Medically Tailored Meal (MTM) program designed to provide vulnerable populations with medically tailored meals that are proven to eliminate diet-related disease and the first to market integrated food and lifestyle employee/employer benefit. The team at Retailworks, Inc. took time to learn about our mission and purpose as a community-based organization. As a result, they did a fantastic job designing, creating, and installing engaging window displays in our new HQ that truly reflect our mission! Clients, employees, partners and visitors absolutely love the fruit and vegetables props they created. Their larger-than-life size mirrors our big plans to help improve the lives of many.”

Kathy Koshgarian
President & CEO, Food For Health and The Food Benefit Company