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Hello Retailers!

Are your window displays enticing and attracting shoppers?

Are your interior displays effectively capturing your customer’s attention throughout their shopping journey?

This blog is an introduction to Retailworks’ tried and true strategies and tips for creating meaningful displays.

Whether you’re creating a window display, an end cap display, or tabletop display, consider the following elements:

  • Theme –Start with a story.  Will you tell it with color? Shape? Topic? Season?
  • Focal Point – Where do you want your audience to look first? There should always be one thing that first attracts attention. Your window displays should be big and bold enough to be seen from across the street.
  • Composition – Create a balance using proportion, negative/positive space, symmetry vs asymmetry, or repetition. Avoid a top-heavy look by placing larger, darker items at the bottom and gradually get smaller and lighter as you go up.
  • Eye movement – Does the eye easily flow throughout the entire display? For window displays, we like to see a layered look – vinyl messaging/graphics on the window, 3-D props in the window, and some sort of backdrop.
  • Engagement – For interior displays, one of the goals is to get your customers to interact with the products on display. The more you can get them to pick up the product, the more likely they will purchase it.
  • Simplicity – Most displays themes don’t need to be overly complicated or chaotic.  Oftentimes, “less is more”.  Don’t confuse a customer with too much clutter.
  • Brand – Does the display reflect your brand?  Make sure your store’s personality shines through. Is it through humor? Sophistication? Color? Messaging?
  • Signage – The story doesn’t end with just shapes and colors.  Signage indicating pertinent information (use, ingredients/content, price, origin, etc.) can enhance the product’s value.  All signs should be laid out according to brand/graphic design guidelines, printed on good paper, and displayed in a nice frame or sign holder.
  • Lighting – Probably the most essential element of a display, lighting is a highlighter and mood enhancer. Illuminate your displays 3x brighter than the ambient light around it to really attract attention.
  • Upkeep – Display products in a way that can be easily reproduced/maintained/cleaned and updated.
  • Inspiration/Reinvention – Always be on the hunt for clever ideas and inspirational displays in the world around you.  Take pictures, take notes, and adapt ideas to work for you. Keep records from year to year to help you remember the successful ones!

Have any questions regarding your displays? Need assistance putting one together, or creating an annual plan for your displays? Call and talk to one of our experienced display artists to set up a consultation or to just get you kick-started in the right direction!

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