How does your business interior feel? Not feel as in good or bad, but by way of our sense of touch?

Think about the many ways your visitors/clients/customers touch your business. It starts with the door handle – we’ve all entered a restaurant that might have an oversized fork or antler for the pull, and no doubt you made note of that and maybe even commented about it to your companion. That’s a great way to start engaging your audience! Once inside, there are a multitude of items that we come in contact with – how many of them are making a good impression on your visitors? Here are a few of them to consider:

  • Business card or brochure
    How does the weight and finish of the paper feel?  
    Does it represent your brand and level of service? Or, is it standard fare?
  • Reception/Transaction counters
    Do they have nice smooth durable tops? Or, 
    do they have chips and worn spots? These counters are a reflection of your brand and business. What about the front of them? Having fun textured fronts can get people curious enough to want to touch them – more customer engagement!
  • Furniture
    (Waiting/lounge, conference room, dressing room, dining): how does the 
    upholstery feel? Is it soft to the touch? Does it stay cool during summer months so skin doesn’t stick to it? Does the feel of the furniture reflect your brand and the value of services offered?
  • Product displays
    Are they set up so customers are encouraged to get involved and 
    pick up, try out, or try on? The more you can get a customer to engage with the products, the more likely they are to buy them. So don’t make your displays so perfect that no one wants to disturb them – make them intriguing!
  • If you’re in the spa, hotel, or health industry, then the feel of sheets, towels, pillows, and robes are all critical to the guest/patient experience. Higher quality feel = higher perceived value = higher price points, which will be expected and accepted.
  • Packaging
    In what do you put your customers’ purchases? A nice hefty branded 
    paper bag with handle that can be reused? Or, a thin cheap plastic bag that will get tossed when they get home? The former will again provide a perceived higher value to the products you are selling. The feel of the package will leave a lasting impression.