popup shop

What’s an effective way for a retailer to expand their brand exposure exponentially, increase store locations and customer base, test out new designs and products, and engage shoppers in a fun way? If you said pop-up stores, you’re correct! More than ever, consumers are looking for a personalized shopping experiences and pop-ups provide just that. In this business venue, shoppers can meet one-on-one with artisans, designers, and salespeople and get personalized attention. Due to their temporary location, pop-up stores have a “here today, gone tomorrow” existence. As a result, they provide an alluring, exclusive type of shopping experience and a sense of urgency to buy, all which lead to additional sales. Revenue is not the only thing that can grow from this sales environment.  Your creativity can as well! Because of their temporary nature, pop-ups can be more creative and whimsical in design. What a perfect opportunity to get consumers to take notice and to create an Instagrammable moment. And what a perfect opportunity for you to drive up social media traffic and expand your brand! So, if you are thinking about creating pop-ups, here are 10 things to consider:

1. Signage – A company name and logo are essential components of branding, so put the name of your store on signs both inside and outside the space.

2. Mobile Fixtures – They can house products. Use products such as Slatwall, gridwall or pegboard for vertical surfaces, gondolas, nesting tables, shelving units for horizontal displays, and hanging racks for apparel.

3. Displays – Be creative with your displays and use a variety of fixtures at different heights to show off your merchandise. Mannequins, props, risers, and easels are easily transportable.

4. Lighting – Accent lights will highlight merchandise and make them pop (pun intended) so be sure to include this in your bag of tricks.

5. Power It Up – Do you have enough power sources to run accent lights, phone charges, and other devices during the days and nights of operation?

6. Check Out Area – A piece of furniture such as a table or desk can be a good cashwrap providing that you have enough room to place items such as a cash register, iPad, or cell phone.

7. Storage & Seating – Consider how much inventory you may want on hand and plan for a place to store it. Think about whether or not a customer will need a chair or stool to rest, try on shoes, or consult with a staff member.

8. Security – If your pop-up is in an open area, you’ll want to be able to cover it up and lock it overnight.

9. Staff Needs – Think about what items your staff may need for themselves in the store. Do they need a small refrigerator, microwave, coat rack, a chair or stool, or a place to lock up their personal belongings?

10. Bags & Packaging – You’ve worked hard to maintain and expand your store branding, so don’t let it stop at the end of a sale. Provide high quality store bags with handles, that include your logo, with nice tissue paper and/or gift boxes so your brand can be seen by others for free!

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Image source: www.currentcommerce.com

Image source: www.bostonmagazine.com