A Retailworks Inc. display artist sawing pieces for a window display
wander & co
wander & co

Wander & Co.

Wander and Co. is a local online retailer that is committed to donating proceeds from each of their sales to social causes. They offer products such as apparel, accessories, candles, jewelry, dog leashes and collars, and notebooks, and each one benefits a unique cause. For example, with each dog leash sale, Wander and Co. donates money to the Wisconsin Humane Society. They also sell products at local Milwaukee gift fairs, and at festivals around the country.

We were excited to design a holiday window display for a company that is so dedicated to giving, and we wanted to be sure this message came through in our display. We hung painted white chairs (a play on the word “charity”) off of a white painted backdrop to serve as shelves, and merchandised a variety of Wander and Co.’s products so they would easily be visible from the street. We also placed signs next to each product explaining what social cause would benefit from its purchase. Our display artists made sure to include an image of Wander and Co. owner Drew Griswold’s dog, Lucy, in the windows, because she’s a well-known icon of the brand often spotted by consumers on social media.

To see some of Wander & Co’s products in person, check out their window display in the Colby Abbot Building located at 759 N. Milwaukee Street.

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