Hold the Phone: Ensuring Your Website is Optimized for Mobile

Look around you, and everyone you see is probably in some way connected to a mobile device, whether they’re using it or they simply have it in arms reach. Many people have their phones next to them 24 hours a day (if you use your phone as your alarm clock, we’re looking at you!). Phones have become more than just a product. They’re an extension of us, and it shows. According to Google, we check our phones 150 times per day. Our smartphones have become so integral to our lives that they have changed the way we behave.
For example, smartphones make it easier for people to take immediate action. When searching on mobile, people are 20% more likely to make an impulse purchase. Mobile use has also changed our expectations. Today, we expect websites to be mobile optimized and quick to load. When a business’s site does not meet expectations, they can lose potential customers, fast.


of people who encounter a website that is not mobile optimized will leave to find a different site.


of people will discard a site that does not load within three seconds.

So, how can you ensure that your website’s mobile presence is meeting customer expectations?

  • Your mobile site should not require users to pinch to zoom. It should be mobile-friendly and automatically adjust to fit users’ screens.
  • Your home page should have a clear call to action so that visitors can take immediate action.
  • Your site should have a mobile-friendly menu to make navigation quick and easy.
  • Your phone number should be clickable, so that users can immediately contact you without having to take any additional steps.
  • Your site should not have any pop-up promotions that block access (i.e. a pop-up box asking people to subscribe to your newsletter that blocks the whole homepage).
  • Your website should load in three seconds or less to avoid losing valuable customers. Use Google’s free Test My Site tool to assess your site’s loading speed.

Do you need help optimizing your site for mobile in order to retain valuable customers?