Glass jewelry display case

Visual merchandising and displays are important aspects to a customer’s experience. Here are seven reasons why you should be investing in these for your business.


Interactive displays at the Dairy Heritage Center in Plymouth, Wisconsin


What customers experience in the first few seconds of visiting your business will make or break their impression of your brand.


Well-designed, branded displays elevate a store’s physical appearance and also its brand.

Displays in the interior of Road America racing retailer
Displays fixtures in the shape of a farm silo


Strong visual merchandising holds a customers’ attention, tells a story, creates desire for the products and moves customers to action.


Well-designed visual merchandising can increase sales by 25%.

Displays with cheese themed retail products merchandised on the wall at the Dairy Heritage Center in Plymouth, Wisconsin


When a store creates a visual experience, it also becomes more visible on social media.


Seasonal changes keep merchandise fresh for customers.

Glass displays cases decorated for the holidays in Kesslers Diamonds
the mini classy


Window displays draw in passersby and convert them into customers.

Ready for stunning branded displays that will elevate your customer experience?

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7 Responses
  1. Millie Hue

    I love that you mentioned that a good display case can entice a customer to make them want to buy the product. With that in mind, I will be investing well in display cases for the convenience store that my partner and I plan to open up this year. We have been wanting to do so since we plan to be business owners and not employees anymore. With this tip, our future store will be successful. Thanks!

  2. Totally agree with you. These 7 reasons you have listed are very true. Visual merchandising indeed can increase the sale and the interaction with the customers thus making them more lively and changing the appearance of the store for every season is such a great thing also to increase the beauty and sales of your store and products.

  3. Thanks for explaining why it can be good to invest in visual merchandising. It’s good to know that well-designed displays can help elevate a store’s physical appearance. This sounds helpful especially if it can make a business seem more professional as well.