Mannequin Adaptations that will Thrive in the Changing Retail Environment

Mannequin display

As the retail environment continues to shift and change, retailers need to adapt to ensure their brick and mortar spaces will survive. Mannequins are a prominent element that can help both the exterior and interior of physical stores stand out. Read on to see how retailers are getting creative and making a statement with their mannequins:

Personality is Everything

By giving a mannequin personality, you transform it from a static object to a dynamic character living with your products in your store. Mannequins should be bold and make a statement in a way that relates to your customers. They look almost as good on Instagram as they do in-person, and thinking of them as characters with a story to tell will create an attraction buzzworthy enough for your shoppers to share on social media.


Tech Takes the Cake

To best reach customers, retailers need to interact with them on their preferred platform. Shoppers are attached to their mobile devices, and frequently use them in-store. Retailers are taking advantage of this by using mannequins with beacon technology. When customers are near the mannequins, they’re able to not only view the clothing the mannequins are wearing, but get additional details on their phones, such the cost of the garment and where to locate the items in the store. This technology provides a more seamless and interactive shopping experience.

Perhaps in the near future we’ll be seeing mannequins that use augmented reality to “switch” outfits, or even mannequins that directly interact with consumers.

Make a Statement

A mannequin is large enough to be considered a sculpture in your store, so why not make it artistic? Mannequins made with mixed media or abstract prints are expected to be frontrunners this year. Customize your mannequins with branded elements that will make an artistic statement in your store.


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