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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means that shoppers are browsing for the perfect gift for their special someone. Not only is this an enjoyable holiday for which to decorate, but window and visual merchandising displays can make a big impact on consumers who are trying to find gift ideas. Read on for tips for creating fun Valentine’s Displays that will get noticed and draw customers into your store.

Two is Better than One

Combine your winter and valentines display pieces. Nothing makes a red heart pop like a background of evergreens and snow. Merging Valentine’s Day and winter into a single display is a great option for retailers who are trying to save time and money.

Display props created by Retailworks, Inc. for Kesslers Diamonds

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Showcase your merchandise by using it as a display prop that is directly incorporated into your display’s design. For example, these windows use their merchandise as the sweet treats in a scrumptious box of “chocolates.”

Enveloped in Love

Sometimes, the easiest and most affordable displays end up being the most beautiful. These displays used paper envelopes to create designs that are sure to remind viewers of the sweet, nostalgic feeling of getting a valentine’s day card in the mail. For more advice on making window displays with paper, check out our previous blog on paper displays here.

An Old Fashioned Kind of Love

Give your shoppers a feeling of romantic nostalgia by creating a display using vintage or old-fashioned elements for Valentine’s Day. We love the black and white photos and vintage font used in the window displays below.

Bee Mine

Get creative, and think outside of the box of traditional Valentine’s Day icons. If your concept includes a play-on-words, use signage to help express the idea.

Visit our Valentine’s Day Window and Visual Merchandising Displays page on Pinterest for additional inspiration!


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