Paper Window Displays

Window displays are crucial for attracting consumers to your retail space. Not only do they provide free advertising, they help set the tone of your brand before your customers even cross your store’s threshold.

Whenever you need a fresh idea for decking out your windows, you can turn to paper! It comes in many forms, and almost all of them can be used creatively to design bold, colorful and captivating window displays. Paper is easy to find, easy to manipulate and easy on a budget.

Our Social Media Strategist enjoyed this fun window display featuring colorful papers in Mackinac Island, Michigan. Strips of pastel paper hung from clear wire create a whimsical display, making the store’s merchandise stand out.

Our founder spotted this intriguing window display at Mart News. This is a great example of how paper can be used for decorating no matter what form it comes in. Envelopes arranged in a vibrant color pattern make a statement and add dimension, livening up the display.

Paper is an excellent option when you have a large window space to cover. It can change the shape of your window display and control how much light gets into your store. Post-It Notes arranged in in the shapes of different profiles draw interest and, in this wavy pattern, create movement, which is a proven method for grabbing attention.

Switching out your window display for the holidays can be pricey, but not if you use paper as your main attraction! This display incorporates the theme of gift giving by using gift tags as its paper product. Paper can easily be overlapped to create texture as shown in this cheerful display.

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Another great thing about using paper in your displays is that you can use recycled materials, as well as recycle your entire display when you are ready for something new in your windows. This will help your business be more eco-friendly, a value that may be important to several of your customers. Anthropologie always provides wonderful display inspiration, and we love their window display created from the pages of recycled books!

If you’d like help creating a custom window display for your store, whether it be made from paper or any other materials, visit us at! We can help you showcase your brand and increase sales by designing a window display that will draw consumers in. For more display inspiration, follow us on social media.