Window Displays Dont's

Your window displays have the potential to stop passersby, draw in new customers, sell products, make the local news, and help build your brand and business. Ensure that your window displays are stopping traffic, not sales, by avoiding these ten window display don’t’s:

  1. Not keeping windows clean! There’s no point in having a great display if it’s obscured by a dirty, fingerprinted, cobwebbed window.
  2. Using misprinted, hand written, or too many signs.
  3. Crooked and/or scotch-taped signs.
  4. Cluttering windows with community posters and advertisements.
  5. Not displaying merchandise and signage on a variety of levels. Both pedestrians and drivers should have a clear view.
  6. Not changing window displays regularly. If you’re on a busy street, change your windows at least once a month.
  7. Putting TOO much merchandise in the window so no one looks at anything. Create a theme and a focal point. Select your merchandise and props wisely to make a strong statement.
  8. Creating displays that don’t reflect your brand or merchandise. Your windows are like billboards for your business – so be sure to promote your brand.
  9. Dimly lit displays. Illuminate your displays so they can be seen at night.
  10. Torn or faded awnings or curtains – they only detract from your window displays. Make sure your entire façade supports your displays.