Shopper Brain Conference

Our President, Lyn Falk, spoke at the Shopper Brain Conference in New York City Thursday, June 7th. The Shopper Brain Conference is an exclusive event providing participants with a deeper understanding of the intersection of retail and consumer neuroscience. Here are five highlights from the conference:

1) Due to the bombardment of messages hitting our brains on a daily basis, it’s imperative to reduce the number of images in an ad. Through neurotechnology, studies are showing the ad will make a bigger imprint on the consumer’s mind when it has one simple picture. Faces are still the biggest attractor.

2) When attracting consumers’ attention, consider what part of their brain is activated when they look at the ad – contextual, rational, or emotional? Where do their eyes wander? Aspirational visuals have a strong positive impact on viewers. Want to maximize your homepage, print ads, or brochures with the right layout and photo selection? Call us for assistance.

3) Haptic technology recreates the sense of touch using vibrations, forces, or motions from the user. This technology has lead to the investigation about how the human sense of touch works and ways to recreate it for to control haptic virtual objects.

4) Shapes communicate a sense of energy – whether relaxed or active. We react to shapes, textures, and colors on an instinctual level, and via learned responses.

Understanding how the elements and principles of design affect consumer behavior in a built environment is critical to creating a successful selling environment.

5) Our reaction to sound/noise is 20,000 times faster than to seeing something (often hear danger before we see it). A chemical cocktail of oxytocin and dopamine are activated in our brain when listening to music we like. Want to increase sales by implementing cross-modal sensory congruence in your space? Give us a call! (414) 249 – 4881