A big piece of the puzzle of success in retail is enhancing merchandise with interesting and “better than average” display props.

It began as a simple idea, to create oversized puzzle pieces and have two pieces fit together. Then, we were wanted to add graphics and images to evoke emotion and enhance a display.  The Retailworks’ Display Team did just that. They created larger-than-life 3D puzzle pieces and enhanced them with seasonal patterns and graphics. We call this “eye candy”. It’s a powerful and strategic way to bring attention to product displays.

It’s working. According to Kim White, Display Director, the clients have told us they see customers stop just long enough to get them to pause, and that pause is what gets them looking beyond to the products. It’s a perfect time for the sales staff to greet or ask a question to engage the customer.

We can customize these for you too.

Use puzzle pieces to attract and show your customers you pay attention to the details. We can brand them with your logo, as well as add color, pattern, or seasonal images to support your products and drive sales.

Simple, affordable display props make big statements adding value to the overall shopping experience.

The Retailworks Display Team is available to be your missing piece to success when it comes to enhancing merchandise and adding that something extra. Contact us today.