Knit or Crocheted Yarn Bomb


No matter what you call it; graffiti crocheting, yarnstorming or knitfiti, Yarn Bombing is the invasion of colorful fibers on our city streets, and in our workspaces and window displays!

Now you can have a warm and fuzzy expression of art in your space around basically anything that stands still long enough to be wrapped!

We can use your brand colors to create a fun tactile display in your lobby, cafeteria, board room, checkout area – wherever you have a column, pipe, tree, table legs, etc.

Projects that are local (*within 50 mile radius of Retailworks office) can request onsite installation (see rate below) or instructions will be included for client installation

$130.00 per foot (for 14” circumference pole)

*Onsite installation will be billed at $65.00 per hour

Note: Quantity and final destination may affect shipping charges

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