Window Displays & Visual Merchandising

Create a Scene and be the talk of the town!

Window displays are often the first branding message your customer will see. Draw attention to your building or business with eye-catching, clever concepts. Window displays should work all year round – not just for the holidays. They can focus on a new product, season, holiday or event. They can also solve problems such as hiding an eyesore, blocking the glaring sun or promoting privacy.

Your window displays are as valuable as an ad in your local paper, the design of your home page, or a post on your social media when it comes to attracting customers. Whether you’re located on a busy street or in a pedestrian mall, your windows provide an amazing opportunity to:

attract attention
sell your brand
send a message
inspire, and
ultimately sell your products and services!

Our talented team of display artists will get people talking and wow potential customers before they even walk through your front door. They’ll design, fabricate and install displays. Which will attract attention, increase traffic into your business, and sell, sell, sell!

We can create a one-time display or schedule regularly changed seasonal displays. In addition to planning, procuring props and assembling the displays, our artists will clean the display area, wash the windows and even change burned out lightbulbs.

Need a Professional Merchandiser?

One of our experts will come in and make your store look fresh again. We’ll review your techniques, teach you new ones, rotate product lines, reset some fixtures, and viola(!), your space will look great again! Getting ready for a grand opening and need an extra pair of hands to get your fixtures merchandised and end caps looking fabulous? Our team will hit the ground running and help you get your store pulled together in no time.