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“It appears many retailers don’t know the basics of selecting the right lamp (bulbs) for their track lighting. They buy according to the look of the fixture with disregard for the type of light the fixture is actually emitting. Until you get the right lighting in your store, you are no doubt losing sales.”  – Lyn Falk

Don’t lose out! Illuminate! Let us help you feature your products in the best light.


PAR 38 LED                                                                          PAR 30 LED

Dimmable                                                                                 Dimmable
18.5 watts                                                                                 14 watts
3500 Kelvin                                                                             3500 Kelvin
1750 Lumens                                                                           1050 Lumens
25,000 hours                                                                           25,000 hours
Height 5.3”                                                                               Height 4.6”
Width 4.8”                                                                                Width 3.8”
$25 per bulb                                                                             $22 per bulb
40 degree flood,                                                                     40 degree flood,
25 degree narrow flood,                                                       25 degree narrow flood,
and spots available                                                               and spots available

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PAR 38 LED 40 Degree Flood, PAR 38 25 Degree Flood, PAR 30 LED 40 Degree Flood, PAR 30 LED 25 Degree Flood