Vacant Storefront Program

Windows of Opportunity

Clever window displays can tell a story, educate, entertain, lift spirits, and pull a community together.

Setting the Stage

Vacant storefronts don’t have to be a negative component to a downtown or mall. They are windows of opportunity and the perfect stage to creatively promote the available space or to showcase other businesses and events in the area. 

Our team of display artists, designers and illustrators will help you transform your shuttered storefronts into works of art that get people talking and sharing!

Services include:

  • on-site audits of window spaces
  • designing the displays
  • fabricating/procuring props
  • creating graphics
  • addressing lighting
  • display installation
  • maintenance of displays
  • removal of displays
Create Your Own Program

Our team can also provide guidelines to train your team and volunteers for boots-on-the-ground storefront activation. They discuss ways to get buy-in from absentee-property owners and not-so-interested landlords, how to conduct a window audit, address building requirements, how to create designs/themes for the windows, display necessities, lighting, signage, maintenance, removal and storage of props. 

Interested in setting up pop-up shops and retail incubators?
We can help with these initiatives as well.

Vacant Storefronts Portfolio

Don’t waste another day in the dark, let us enlighten the storefronts in your community!
Schedule a meeting or workshop and watch the magic happen!