Sue Lawton

Display Artist, Illustrator

Sue Lawton

Sue Lawton

Sue is a true display ARTIST. She has her own studio outside of Retailworks (Scout, Milwaukee, WI) where she works in a variety of mediums, but we’re very happy to have her bringing her creative skills to OUR studio, and ultimately to our client’s spaces. Whether it’s an illustration, a mural, or some cool display prop, Sue always delivers. Come see some of her work in our office!

What’s your Favorite…

All things sci-fi and fantasy! 

Music Group:
The Vitrolum Republic, Radiohead, San Fermin, Kishi Bashi, and Sigur Ros

Pastime Activity:
Art-making, hiking/camping, and just goofing around with my kids

Vacation Spots:
Hawaii, Glacier National Park, French Alps  

“Things are only impossible until they are not.” –Captain Picard 

Indian food, licorice, spiced chocolate, tea 

Podcasts, collecting little toy dinosaurs, Goodwill/thrifting

Little factoid that most people don’t know about me:
I can move my eyebrows independently of each other

sue lawton
sue lawton
sue lawton