Russ Gnant

Director of IT, Database & Program Developer

Russ Gnant

Russ Gnant

What would we do without Russ? Well, we just don’t think about that. He keeps every piece of equipment, computer (PC and MAC –  although he’s partial to Apple products!) and all internet connections working smoothly so we can do our jobs. He also created and continues to maintain our database, fixes anything that’s broken, and assembles anything that needs assembling. We are very fortunate to have this retired engineer, manufacturer, computer wizard, and business consultant, on hand to keep us up and running.

What’s your Favorite…

The Lion in Winter

Music Group/Performer:
Harry Chapin

Pastime Activity:

Vacation Spots:
Someplace warm

“Old friends are better than new friends.  New friends know where you are, old friends know where you’ve been.” –Unknown


Little factoid that most people don’t know about me:
I’m a licensed pilot

russ gnant
russ gnant
russ gnant