Lori Eck

Display Artist, Visual Merchandiser

lori eck

Lori Eck

The merchandising stars continue to align as Lori comes on board with 30 years of experience in visuals with Boston Store and Macy’s. AND, an unexpected bonus – she and her husband started and operated a pet store for 16 years! 

She’s a perfect addition to our creative, pet-loving team.


What’s your Favorite…

Pleasantville ….. Dating myself, but one of my all-time favorites!!

Music Group:
Red Hot Chilli Pipers (yes its pipers not peppers, I’m a sucker for men in kilts!) Also, Jesse Cook.

Pastime Activity:
Love to cook, find new recipes. Love swimming, I go several times a week.

Vacation Spot or Type of Vacation:
Anywhere! Love Italy, Ireland, places we can see history, great food and wonderful people…no laying at the beach

Probably travel! As soon as I come back from anywhere, I’m planning the next adventure.

What you are thankful for:
Boy, everything around me…especially my wonderful family.

lori eck
lori eck
lori eck