Julia Killian

Display Artist, Visual Merchandiser

Julia Killian

Julia Killian

Once again, we are lucky to have found a veteran retailer who is full of creativity! From owning her own store to managing department stores and boutique shops, she comes fully prepared to take on any retail merchandising challenge. And who doesn’t love a great pair of eyeglasses?

What’s your Favorite…

Red, Yellow, Orange . . . I like bright colors, but I tend to wear a lot of black!

Blazing Saddles. Also Harold and Maude

Music Group:
Don’t have a favorite. Depends on the day and what I’m doing

Pastime Activity:
Making weird sculptures our of leather, fabric, wood, and anything else that works.

Vacation Spot or Type of Vacation:
ANY! Especially these days! I love visiting friends in New York, visiting my daughter in DC or hanging out in a Northwoods Cabin and hiking.

The latest one I love is from Denzel Washington: “Some people will never like you because your spirit irritates their demons” Seems relevant for today

Loving the British Baking Show. And lately, making tarts

What you are thankful for:
Being able to do the kind of work I love to do!

Julia and her husband