Holley Bakich

Senior Designer, Project Manager, Graphic Designer, LEED Green Associate, Manager  – Tucson, AZ Office

Holley Bakich

Holley Bakich

Where do we start? With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture, a lengthy stint as a graphic designer, a B.A. in Interior Design, and a true artist well versed in multiple mediums, this woman is not to be stopped. 

Her creative engine truly never quits. In addition to providing our clients with both graphic and interior design services, she is also a project manager with an unsurpassed attention to detail. She is thorough to a fault which is crazy-important when it comes to creating spec schedules and drawings for contractors. And now she manages our satellite office in Tucson as well, so if you’re in the Southwest, give her a call! 

What’s your Favorite…

I love them all—the more the merrier, the brighter the better. Bring on Pee Wee’s Playhouse!

I love movies, and am especially fond of ones with spaceships, explosions, time travel, monsters, ghosts, and slapstick comedy. No, I’m not a teenaged boy.

Music Group:
Too many to note!

Pastime Activity:
Making weird sculptures our of leather, fabric, wood, and anything else that works.

Vacation Spot or Type of Vacation:
The world

“When we tug at a single thing in nature, we find it attached to the rest of the world.” –John Muir

RuPaul’s Drag Race

A little factoid about yourself that most people wouldn’t know or expect:
I have an asteroid named after me—Asteroid 31557Holleybakich. I call it The Planet Killer

What you are thankful for:
Creativity and the chance to use it for a living.