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Project Statement

Inspired by trendy restaurants and bars in Chicago and New York, we designed three spaces: a bar called Fusion, a restaurant called Jade, and an event room, all located in the historic Retlaw Hotel, an iconic building in downtown, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  At the time, the building also housed Bravo Productions, a children’s theatre. All of these businesses were the brainchild of the Stayer family (Johnsville Brats). Our design team spread its wings and created spaces that reflected the latest in lighting, neon art, and finishes. The bar top had tiny blinking LEDs imbedded in the solid surface and the dance floor had recessed color-changing lights. Crazy vinyl patterns and luscious fabrics were used throughout Fusion. Decorative acoustic ceiling pads were made by our display artists to create a quieter event room. This award-winning project drew attention from near and far and changed the food scene in downtown Fond du Lac, WI.

Services Provided

  • Finish & Material Selection
  • Furniture Selection
  • Art Selection
  • Ceiling Treatments
  • Lighting Selection
fushion lounge and dining
fushion lounge and dining
fushion lounge and dining
fushion lounge and dining
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