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Project Statement

We love cheese. And we loved helping our client, the Cheese Counter & Dairy Heritage Center, in Plymouth, WI, aka the Cheese Capital of the World, create a cheese-themed retail experience! The City of Plymouth purchased and restored a historic 1875 cream city brick building located on their main street. Having worked in downtown Plymouth before, we were excited about coming back to help design a store that would highlight Sheboygan County’s history of cheese-making. We conducted a focus group to define the product lines that would be housed in the store, in addition to the wide selection of locally made cheeses. Custom fixtures were made, including an oversized antique milk jug and store-sized silo. A vintage “bubbler” (drinking fountain) found its way onto the selling floor, along with low-tech and high-tech interactive stations, cheese-making artifacts, history wall, and a map locating some of the 210 farms in Sheboygan County that have produced cheese over the past 100+ years.

The store features “The Cheese Counter” where never-to-be-forgotten grilled-cheese sandwiches will be served. As a city that drops a giant wedge of cheese every New Years Eve, Plymouth definitely has a wealth of cheese expertise, and we were excited to design the perfect Dairy Heritage Center to help them celebrate their most honored product! 

Services Provided

  • Layout
  • Finish & Material Selection; Custom Wall Coverings
  • Fixture Design & Selection
  • Lighting Selection
  • 3-D Renderings
  • Graphic Design
  • Visual Merchandising
Plymouth Cheese transaction counter
Plymouth Cheese counter
Plymouth Cheese timeline
plymouth cheese
plymouth cheese fixture
cheese counter and dairy heritage center fixture
cheese counter and dairy heritage center fixture
cheese counter and dairy heritage center fixture