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Project Statement

Amelishan Bridal was ready for a store update. They had new branding/logo elements developed, and needed the store to reflect the refresh. We went with a palette of white, pink, and an unexpected charcoal gray for drama. The interior of all the dress hanging areas were painted charcoal to really make the white and pastel-colored dresses pop. Oversized vinyl graphics were added to walls to reinforce branding, and a custom wallcovering was developed from their branding elements and incorporated in various areas. A little shop-within-a-shop for shoes and accessories was carved out to bring all of those items into one easy-to-access area. The Amelishan Bridal store ended up looking as lovely as a bride.


Services Provided

  • Layout
  • Finish & Material Selection
  • Fixture Selection
  • Furniture Selection
  • Lighting Selection
  • 3-D Renderings
  • Signage & Graphics
amelishan bridal rendering
amelishan bridal rendering
seating area
fixture design

“We have had quite a bit of positive feedback on the redesign. The most common remark is, ‘This is a beautiful store!’ The secondary bridal area…is far more functional, and far more comfortable for everyone….[In] key areas [the design] has helped sales. The staff appreciates the investment.”

David Marquardt