Project Statement

While brainstorming some new designs for the Lakefront Brewery outdoor tent/pavilion in Milwaukee, WI, a team member came up with the idea of wall art utilizing the brewery’s metal kegs; suddenly, the “Kegnado” was born! 71 stainless steel kegs were attached in a haphazard manner to two walls of the brewery, as if a tornado came through and whisked them up and about. Each keg is wrapped with a programmable LED light, so together, they provide a light show upon command. This visible “building art” has become a must-see for Milwaukee visitors and residents! The Lakefront Brewery Kegnado even lights up specially for holidays and events.

Services Provided

  • Schematic Designs
  • 3-D Models
  • Consulting during Engineering & Lighting Phases
lakefront brewery kegnado
lakefront brewery kegnado

“Retailworks has helped us with several design projects at Lakefront Brewery that have received rave reviews. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable and will help you get the job done on time. Most important, their work has kept the authentic look to our century old building and contributed to the fun culture that we have here at the brewery to keep it a destination for our residents and visitors.”

Russ Klisch