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Project Statement

The Sleep Wellness Institute (TSWI) has been a long time client and we continue to provide them with retail consulting, design, display, product procurement, and branding services. Over the years, we have developed a new website. along with collateral materials and interior signage for both TSWI and their CPAP2GO division. We also created a new name and logo to replace CPAP2GO – “The Sleep Well Store” which will soon to be rolled out into their retail locations.

Services Provided

  • Naming & Logo Development
  • Graphic & Sign Design
  • Collateral Material Development
sleep wellness institute
Poster art for Sleep Wellness Institute
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“The timing in which we met Lyn Falk and her team was truly impeccable as we had been looking to start a new relationship with a branding/design firm. Lyn and her associates kicked off our partnership by transforming our website so it was well branded, informative, clean, and user friendly. The next phase was redefining and developing our retail model. They took our retail environment from a minimal-effort, non-strategic model and turned it into a robust and purposeful one. Sales proformas were developed, a new name was created, new products were researched and procured, stores were redesigned, and merchandising strategies put into place. Our stores became more inviting, visually appealing, and informative. Sales on supplies alone increased 400% during the first busy season post-installation. They also trained our staff on how to fine-tune the customer journey and provide exceptional customer service. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Retailworks as our company grows.

Working with Retailworks has not only had a positive effect on our stores and our business but also on me as a marketing professional. They kept me informed, educated, and involved every step of the way. The amount of knowledge that was imparted in an effort to help me understand the reasoning and science behind decisions made was priceless. This information continues to help me to make intelligent decisions about marketing and sales to better the experience for our clients.”

Belle Eykmans
Corporate Development Manager