Five Hours on Fifth Ave

It was a wonderful July afternoon in New York City — sunny with a cool breeze — the kind you hope for when you’re wandering up and down Madison and Fifth Ave. It was a whirlwind tour for our President, Lyn Falk, who in a few hours (and 12,345 steps) snapped 135 pictures. When it came to seeing the latest trends in storefront designs, signage, and window displays, the city didn’t disappoint. Of course, video screens with active motion pictures and graphics were the norm in over 50 percent of the major stores. The second most common theme was the use of fun, bright vinyl graphics, incorporated onto or inside the windows. And as usual, color, shape, repetition, movement and contrast were the elements and principles of design at work, grabbing our attention! Bring beer and popcorn and you can see the entire slideshow of photos, but until then, here are a few of Lyn’s favorite finds:

This iconic sculpture by artist Billie Archilleos in Coach was made out of leather purses.

Colored graphics popped at Derek Lam.

Gucci window display with pink vanity in New York

Gucci played with patterns in their window display.

Hermes window display with oversized orange phone in New York

This oversized phone made a statement in Hermes’ whimsical display.

Window display in New York with tires

Rotating wheels and engine sound effects reved up the windows at Haute Pursuit.

Purse window display in New York

A pop of color at Sonia Rykiel caught attention from across the street.

Building with window displays

Oversized videos at Michael Kors used movement to attract attention from a distance.

Inspired by these New York Fifth Ave window displays? Want a custom, show-shopping display of your own?