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Setting the Stage

Building owners, commercial developers, shopping center management, Main Street Directors, and business improvement districts, all want to see their downtowns thrive. Vacant storefronts are eye sores that can drag down an entire block. But they don’t have to be a negative component to a district. They are windows of opportunity and the perfect stage to creatively promote the available space or to showcase other businesses and events in the area. Furthermore, clever window displays can tell a story, educate, entertain, lift spirits, and pull a community together.

Let our display artists fill your empty spaces with show-stopping displays – displays that will get people talking and spaces leased. They can also make the displays portable so when the spaces do get leased, the props can be utilized down the road in future vacant spaces. Want to develop your own program to address and fill vacant storefronts? We can provide  guidelines, window audits, creative plans/themes, train your volunteers for the boots-on-the-ground work, and help you work with absentee-owners or not-so-interested landlords.

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