Inventory Planning and Management

Sometimes you find yourself at a crossroads with inventory planning, or have reached a plateau and need to move to the next level and aren’t sure how. Or maybe you just want to change things up a bit with your product offerings.
Here are some of the ways we can help: 
  • review current purchasing and inventory control methods
  • find opportunities to improve your existing inventory
  • define product criteria (so you’re not just buying on a whim)
  • source new products/vendors and/or services to better serve your target market
  • optimize your sales and gross margins
  • develop sales proformas to determine OTB (open-to-buy) plans and organize inventory into hierarchal departments for more efficient buying

Trend Scouts & Product Procurement

Our retail specialists scour the industry for resources. We can:

  • accompany you to national markets and guide you through the wholesale buying experience
  • offer product recommendations
  • assist in developing good vendor relations 
  • help place orders

Looking to develop a line of private labeled merchandise? We can:

  • help identify brand objectives
  • create and develop branded products
  • create brand artwork
  • create and source custom packaging 

Let us be your trend scouts!

Store Operations & Selling

Critical to the success of a retail business is store operations. We have an extraordinary range of experience and expertise in the management of retail store operations including POS system selection and management, and store policies. 

A business is nothing without customers, and memorable customer experiences are an integral part of a successful business.  Our team can help you increase the number of repeat/loyal customers by implementing the following strategies for more effective customer engagement:

  • selling techniques
  • staff guidelines
  • product education 
  • team coaching 

Let us help you with inventory planning and management, trend scouts/product procurement and store operations/selling